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Two Weeks in… Thailand

While I have been on this trip and making notes to help with this blog / answering questions / persuading folks to do the same, I offered to put a few bits together on a two week trip for a brilliant young colleague at my former workplace. This took the form of a couple of […]

Four Months!

I am approaching the four month mark of this sabbatical, having departed dear Blighty back in August.¬†Originally I was to spend 5-7 weeks in Thailand, followed by Laos, Cambodia and would now be in Vietnam, however as I have mentioned previously my plan & route just sort of fell apart… So for my first 2 […]

Costs: Cambodia

Cambodia. Land of rice paddies, bustling towns & cities, stunning countryside & temples. Temples covered in jungle, ruined temples, rebuilt temples and functional in use temples. That is where I have just spent the past month and much like my piece on Thailand, I am going to give you a rough idea of my costs […]

Costs: Thailand

As I come to the end of 2 months in Thailand, I thought I would put up a quick post covering my costs for this section of the trip and such things. Now the costs I am going through in this post do not include the cost of actually getting to Thailand / South East […]

Costs: Before You Go

A trip like the one I am currently on, obviously has numerous costs associated with it. The majority are such things as accommodation, in-country travel, food, drink, activities etc while actually out in the world. However there are other items that are key to a long term trip like mine that have to be handled […]

A Change Is Gonna Come

So you all know I like to plan, and I get very wedded to said plans? Well the plan for this trip pretty much went out the window a week or so back, not that it was safe prior to that. A combination of unfortunate weather systems being in place everywhere, a government wavering around […]

One Night In Bangkok…

“…and the world’s your oyster” I made it. Am now in Bangkok. And damn do I never want to fly economy again! Business – QSuites to Qatar and a Pod to Bangkok – has spoiled flying for me. Just awesome. Insanely good service above and on the ground! For those who have never done long […]